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About H.O.T.

Who we are.

We are a team of students who have chosen to volunteer our time for no benefit other than to serve our community. We care for and change lives for the better while putting others before ourselves when possible.


Our Guiding Principles.

We treat our fellow team members and those we serve with respect, love, kindness, gratitude, and above all else the same way we would want to be treated.


Who we serve

Our target areas are Children in need, the Military and their Families, the Homeless, Animals in need, and Anyone who has a need we can meet.

H.O.T. works with local organizations and businesses to receive nonperishable food donations to give to children in need. Often times these kids do not have food to get themselves through the weekend. Our organizations sorts, packs, and distributes bags of food to give to these students who would otherwise go hungry.

Our Mission

The mission of H.O.T. is to teach students -with a heart to serve- how to get involved and volunteer in their community. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

H.O.T.'s  vision is to serve Children in need, the Military and their Families, the Homeless,  Animals in need, as well as any community need that may arise.

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